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Who is Niki Campbell?

I’m a writer and communicator by trade who has always had a passion for living healthy. Today, I’m a mid-life career changer pursuing my dream of making leaders and companies healthier and more successful.

This second act of my career started with a simple online  wellness accountability group in 2014. My mission was to simply offer my coworkers and colleagues a place where we could come together to share challenges, ideas and support, and ultimately stay accountable to our health and wellness goals while we traveled. Simple, right?

What I found is that staying healthy is anything but simple or easily-defined for professionals, entrepreneurs and executives. I know, I’ve lived that life. Demanding schedules, relentless travel, the pressure of deadlines and more make it challenging to establish a routine for fitness, eat well and sustain healthy habits.

Fast forward to today and my new career path as a certified health coach and personal trainer. I’ve stayed true to my original mission and focus on creating healthy leaders who lead healthy companies and give back to make their communities healthier.

What makes me different? I don’t focus on just one aspect of wellness. I look at the whole person or the whole company.

When working with an individual or company, I help them assess what they need to improve health and wellness. I then create a customized plan of action that can be achieved despite the demands work and life, and finally, I create accountability mechanisms to ensure they remain successful and healthy.

After working with me, my individual clients lose weight, establish better habits, boost their energy and confidence, and achieve better overall wellness. And, companies enjoy a healthier, more engaged, productive and loyal workforce.

Contact me here to learn more about how I can help you or your workplace become healthier.

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