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What Makes Me Different

There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach.

Every professional is unique. And to truly get healthy, lose weight and find a balanced lifestyle, each coaching program must be unique to meet them where they are in their wellness journey.

Whether you’ve been told by your doctor that something needs to change or you’ve come to the realization on your own, you can be assured that I will take the time to get to know you in order to help you achieve your wellness goals.

All my clients go through a 3-Step Wellness Process(regardless of the package purchased) that includes:

Assessment. Every client participates in a Wellness Survey that provides me with a full picture of your health history, nutrition and fitness habits, and overall lifestyle behaviors. Then, I provide recommendations to help you get started or improve on what you’ve already done.

Action. Together, we will determine what action you need to take to start or continue to improve your health, nutrition, fitness and overall wellness. My coaching programs are designed around tackling one issue or multiple issues depending on where you are in your journey.

Accountability. Even the healthiest and fittest leaders need accountability. It is the secret to success when it comes to changing behaviors, losing weight, eating better or starting an exercise program. Without it, you are more likely to give up on your goals. Every one of my programs has an accountability component to keep you on track and focused.

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What I Offer


When you’re overweight or not as healthy as you’d like to be so many other parts of your life suffer – family, career, personal relationships. It’s less about what the scales shows you, and more about how the scale makes you feel – exhausted, unmotivated, uncomfortable, and like you have no confidence anymore? I get it.

The professionals I work with are ready to say goodbye to feeling unhealthy and make a lasting change. They are done trying fad diets and insane workouts. They are done trying to figure it out on their own only to fail again!

Whether we work together one-on-one or in one of my group programs, you’ll receive the information, guidance and support you need to finally achieve your wellness goals.

What You Can Achieve with My Programs

My clients are successful professionals who are driven by results. They want to know the ROI on health coaching and I don’t blame them…an investment should be expected to pay off.

With my individual and group programs you can expect to achieve:

  • Weight loss (up to 2 lbs. a week)
  • Improved muscle tone, strength and flexibility
  • Increased energy and stamina
  • Metabolism boost
  • More confidence
  • Better sleep
  • New, healthy eating habits and attitudes about nutrition
  • Better understanding of what kind of exercise you need for your body type
  • Improved overall health (lower BMI, improved blood pressure, reduced stress, etc.)
  • New lifestyle habits and strategies for maintaining wellness
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Ways to Work Together

90-Day Total Health and Wellness Coaching with Accountability – $1299

You’ve had it. Weight has been creeping on for a while. You eat out more than you cook at home. And, you have an insane schedule. This is for you if you are ready to finally lose the weight and start feeling good again. With this program you receive a comprehensive health and wellness coaching experience. Customized workouts. Nutrition coaching and meal plans (if needed). Daily monitoring of food and fitness journals, access to me in real time for support and coaching, and weekly accountability/coaching calls.

90-Day Accountability Coaching – $799

You’ve reached your goals or you are close to getting there – this package takes you the last mile and then keeps you accountable. It’s designed to help you maintain what you’ve achieved. It’s for you if you have a fitness program you love and you eat well most of the time but know you need someone to keep you on track. You have a few more pounds to go or you’ve reached your goal weight and want to maintain.

As your accountability partner I help you evaluate current goals or set new goals, assess your nutrition and exercise habits, and help you identify the barriers and challenges to achieving your goals. Includes 2 coaching calls per month (after initial consult).

4-Week Wellness Kickstart Group Programs – $299

Not ready for a full 90-day commitment or you just need to jumpstart your results with a new way of approaching food and fitness? Join one of my 6 Kickstart Group Programs this year to get started on a better path to wellness. Programs offered in January, March, May, July, September and November.


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