Get that mojo back…

Confidence is everything in business. And confidence starts from within. Today’s executives, entrepreneurs and corporate leaders often find themselves front and center. On stage in front of hundreds; at an important client presentation; in front of a television camera or on a Facebook livestream that will be watched thousands of times.

When you feel confident, your credibility, knowledge and results are amplified.  That confidence begins with your own self-image. If you don’t feel strong, healthy and well on the inside, it will affect your confidence and ability to be your best at work, at home and in life in general.

Niki Campbell of RoadWarrior Wellness is a health and wellness coach who focuses on assessment, action and accountability to get you feeling healthier and more confident.

I specialize in personalized coaching that provides one-on-one attention and consultation based on nutrition and fitness analysis, realistic recommendations for action, and daily accountability for results.

One-on-One Coaching:

When you’re overweight or not as healthy as you’d like to be so many other parts of your life suffer – family, career, personal relationships. It’s less about what the scales shows you, and more about how the scale makes you feel – exhausted, unmotivated, uncomfortable, and like you have no confidence anymore? I get it. My clients are ready to say goodbye to those feelings and make a lasting change. They are done trying fad diets and insane workouts. They are done trying to figure it out on their own only to fail again! They are leaders in their fields but need support and guidance when it comes to their health, and that’s ok.

While all my one-on-one packages are customized with food, fitness and lifestyle recommendations, you can expect to achieve the following regardless of how long we work together: 

  • Weight loss (up to 2 lbs. a week)
  • Improved muscle tone, strength and flexibility
  • More energy and stamina
  • Metabolism boost
  • Amplified confidence and improved “stage presence”
  • New, healthy eating habits and attitudes about nutrition
  • Better understanding of how much exercise you need, and what’s best for your body type
  • Improved overall health (lower BMI, improved blood pressure, reduced stress, etc.)
  • New lifestyle habits and strategies for staying healthy

I help you obtain these results by looking at your lifestyle holistically. It’s not just about food or exercise. My approach is simple, assess, create an action plan, and then keep you accountable. I do that through…


  • Nutrition, exercise and lifestyle assessments
  • Detailed goal setting
  • Creating customized programs for nutrition, fitness and lifestyle behaviors
  • Weekly coaching sessions that includes review of your progress, planning for the week ahead, and other strategies for living well
  • Daily monitoring and accountability through Trainerize, MyFitnessPal
  • Food planning and prep support with food lists, guides, etc. for meals and snacks
  • Daily access to me for questions, concerns, etc. through Voxer

Corporate Wellness Services:

Let me bring wellness to your workplace. I can speak to your group about the following topics…

  • Finding Time for Fitness
  • Understanding Nutrition Basics
  • Deciphering the Latest Diets
  • Food Label Truths
  • Confidence Strategies
  • Boosting your Stage Presence
  • Making Small Lifestyle Changes That Pay Off BIG!
  • Meal Planning & Prep
  • Setting Wellness Goals



Meal planning done in conjunction with RD-approved programs through Evolution Nutrition.