Client Testimonials

In Their Own Words


KetoFast Round #1 (28 Day Challenge)

I am so happy with my results and grateful for this experience. I started at 151.6 pounds and this morning, I am down to 142, so that’s 9.6 pounds. This is the longest in my life I have ever gone without processed foods and I know this will become a long-term habit. Clean eating is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time but was too overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start. And the recipes are great – there’s nothing I didn’t like. I think I can keep this up but plan to sign on with you for another month. Thank you, Niki! This is your calling. I feel like I’m back in control of my nutrition because of your guidance and support. 

Allison P., University Professor, Pittsburgh, PA


Health Coaching Testimonials

I’m only a couple of weeks into my journey with Nikki, but I’m already seeing incredible results. My whole mindset has changed around food and exercise! My self control and motivation to eat ‘good’ food and workout is 100 fold from where I was before I started working with her. I have 100% more energy, I feel more positive and so much happier in myself – so many comments from people! Before I went on this program I was antisocial through lacking in energy, had huge brain fog and hated the way I looked. In just a couple of weeks I (and my partner) can already see the fat coming off from around my belly (which is my real struggle area), I feel stronger, more toned and my mindset around every area of my life has improved! Even my sales have increased because I just have more clarity of thought and my energy vibration has raised! I’m feeling sexier, thinner and my confidence is coming back! I can’t wait to see the final result at the end of the 12 weeks!

– Jen H., Online Entrepreneur and Coach, United Kingdom

Personal Training Testimonials

When I decided to plan my wedding in only 10 weeks, I knew I needed to start a  fitness plan ASAP. Niki customized a workout routine that focused on my goals, was simple to follow, and utilized minimal equipment available in my home gym. Her program took the guesswork out of exercising. 

Ashlee W., Communications Executive, Pittsburgh, PA 


Nutrition Coaching Testimonials

This has been such a great experience for me.  First to have a community of other people who are also looking to get healthier and facing challenges so that we can learn from each other.  And second to have Niki’s expertise to help me learn how many calories I should be consuming, planning the right foods to eat and my target heart rate along with exercises to help me achieve that.  Now I’m on the right path to live a healthier life thanks to this group and Niki!

– Jennifer R., Marketing Executive, Chatham, NJ 

I wasn’t interested in a diet that isn’t (and shouldn’t be) sustainable- I wanted help making better choices to lead a healthier lifestyle. Working with Niki has provided exactly that. She offers realistic perspective and solutions while still keeping me on-track.

– Mary Ann W.,  Financial Analyst, Valencia, PA 

Niki helped me understand what my nutrition needs are and how to eat foods that are not only healthy but delicious. The 6-Week Reset helped me lose weight, establish better habits and gain more energy.
– Kristy G., Bank Executive, Mars, PA